Golden Goddess!

Glam can be your middle name and you have a true love for luxe. GEO Diva Collection: Necklace Goldtone 18″ Long with 3 1/2 extender $14.99. Earrings Goldtone 2 1/4″ Long pierced drops $9.99. Ring Goldtone sizes: 6. 8. 10. $9.99. Perfect Harmony Collection: Glass beads Necklace 28″ Long with 3 1/2″ extender, drop earrings, the set $19.99. Beaded Earrings: Glass beads. Drop earrings 2 1/4″ Long Pierced $14.99. Bracelet,  beads 7 1/4″ Long with 1″ extender.

Author: kathleenburnsavonblog

I'm an independent "Avon Representative," and I have made a great investment by joining Avon. I hope you will join with me as I share my journey and experience with you.

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