Spring Is In The Air!

Avon Campaign Brochure #4. Great Fashion, Jewelry, Hand Bags, and Shoes.

When you tralve this Spring, don’t forget to pack your makeup essentials and your makeup bag.

Avon Tee’s Top, Multi-Color. Only $19.99 each.

Avon Spring Collections: Multi-Color & White Jacket. Porch Pants. Great for Spring Travels.

Avon New Spring Floral Dress, decorate with our Spring Collections Jewelry.

I love our Spring Collections Cardigan Sweaters $29.99 each.

Avon New Floral Dress. You can also wear cardigan sweater with dress. Avon necklace, earrings, & bracelets. Great outfits for your Spring Travels!

You can coordinate the Avon dress, cardigan sweaters & jackets with our flats, Multi-Color or black, yellow, & peach.

Check out our fashion spring style top. And wear our Avon watches with our fashion.

Author: kathleenburnsavonblog

I'm an independent "Avon Representative," and I have made a great investment by joining Avon. I hope you will join with me as I share my journey and experience with you.

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