This Is The Boss Life!

Be A Beauty Boss! Grow You Business By Growing Your Team.

Looking for even more fun, greater earnings and the rewards of mentoring others?

With Avon’s new mentor tools, we’ll be with you every step of the way as you build your team. It’s as simple as running your business while your team members watch, learn and duplicate what you do.

Avon’s new enrollment process will make recommending Avon to others EASIER by providing new Representatives with the tools they need to succeed and kick-start their business.

Here Are Easy Steps To Sign Up!

1. Direct new Recruits to your Avon eStore, where they’ll click on Sell Avon.

2. They should then fill in their personal information.

3. You can help your new Recruits take our fun quiz to find their perfect Starter Kit.

4. Your new Recruits should review their information; make payment using a credit, debit card or prepaid card; and click on Submit.

Above Are Three Choice Of Starter Kits! Below Are The Info About Each Kits;

Quick Starter Kit $25.00. Over $80.00 Value this kit for less than the cost of a few lattes. It includes 4 full-size products, 10 samples, 44 Brochure/Magalogs design to get them acquainted with Avon. Perfect to try and share with friends, family, and Customers.

Advanced Starter Kit $50.00. Over $190.00 Value. Turn up the volume! Get everything from the Quick Starter Kit and more: 10 full-size products, 53 samples, 44 Brochures/Magnolia, sales tools to entice more buyers.

Premium Startet Kit $100.00. Over $400.00 Value. Get full-on gorgeous with the ultimate haul to get them selling like a pro in no time! Get 16 full-size products, 93 samples, 70 Brochures/Magnolia, sales tools, the Getting Started with Avon and the Give Your Life an Avon Makeover booklets and the exclusive Avon professional tote bag (with a removable organizer tote), which opens to reveal a mirror and display area. I can’t wait to see you celebrate success with Avon!$$$$$$$

The best advice I can give you is to never give up. When you initially start your Avon Business, it can seem challenging to find customers and new recruits, but with persistent you will succeed. You just have to set your goals in intervals and keep pushing yourself until you get there. Start with trying to recruit one new Representative and placing one sales order a week, then gradually increase your goals. Eventually, your network of Representatives and Customers will expand, and it will begin to get easier!

I built my team and encourage others to join Avon by sharing my own story. Avon changed my life because it gave me the flexibility and time that I desperately need to spend with my family. Anyone looking to work for themselves and set their own hours should join Avon. I urge them to try because it could change their life the way it changed mine. I enjoy working for myself and being able to operate the business how I want. It’s been such a success that I was able to quit my dat-to-night job as a Nurse and be with my family. In fact, Avon has also allowed us to work together as a family. 

The Avon President’s Recognition Program motivates me to be the best and achieve my goals. I started out slowly, but soon enough my goals became bigger and bigger. Since joining the Leadership Program, I’ve had the opportunity to share more with my community and my family. My next goal is to become the best in the Avon business!

To Sign Up And Register As An Avon Representative Go Directly To My Website Below;